Burr Oak UMC: 9:30am / Colon UMC: 11am


VCI – Time to get to it!

I confess – we temporarily put VCI on hold for Lent

Not that a number of things weren’t done by some very dedicated people

Burr Oak (who started earlier) put out a Vision Statement, and began to spruce up the building

Colon hosted their Visioning Workshop and began to consider their 3 Prescriptions:

  1. Creating our vision – and evaluating all of our present and future activities by our Mission and that vision
  2. Reaching out into our community – putting flesh on our Mission and Vision (This is also where Burr Oak now begins)
  3. Creating a pathway for discipleship – classes, events and programs to encourage all our constituents to grow in Christ.

Both churches have done commendable work to get to this point – including the vote to accept our prescriptions – now we must do the work to move them from paper to reality.

This will take all of us – praying – meeting to plan – and doing whatever the planners come up with.

It is a very exciting time for our churches – and coincidently comes right after Easter.

Let the Burr Oak and Colon United Methodist Churches be resurrected!

Pastor John